What I would like to share in this section is the most fundamental amazing truth from the Lord, which He gave me in pieces over the last few years; and since then, has saved my children and many others that I had the privilege to minister to. A truth that will help other moms and dads care for their children and train them up in the way they should go….

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Let me warn you though, there is one side effect, and that is this truth will work wonders on your own heart as well. Be prepared to let go, cry even, be set free to become the best parent you were always meant to be, by His grace and new mercies every morning. You are a GREAT MOM or DAD the Lord says.

And this is because I love you, my dearest readers, that I wanted to write this book. After a few years of wandering around, I am sitting in a hotel room in Boston and I finally started it. It is on my heart to share this with you as the Lord has shared with me, out of love for my children, your children, His children.

God has CHOSEN you to be the parent of His children and wants to equip you through these nuggets of wisdom. My hope is that these words bless you and your children and leave a mark for generations and generations.

Do you remember when your first child was born, that feeling of “wow, I never knew you could love another human being this much”! It was June 28, 1999 and we named him Tyler, he was the best thing that had ever happened to us, and he still is, along with his sister Charline, born in 2000. It has been quite a journey, but, thankfully, God was there alongside me all this time…even though I didn’t always realize it! Through tears and struggles, we survived, we found Him, we healed. Like a quiet loving Dad, my Father in Heaven – your Father in Heaven – was watching, loving, and redirecting us to a better place, to His arms, the ultimate refuge.

The first few years of my children’s lives, I knew God and prayed a lot but my relationship to Him was stranded, incomplete and un-surrendered. As most of my girlfriends, I was trying to be super wife, super mom, super business woman, and really did quite poorly in all departments, let’s be honest here! I was constantly exhausted, stressed, and became the best juggler in history! I used to say kids don’t come with a manual…. I had no direction, nor focus for them or for me. I didn’t see my kids were suffering, their hearts were breaking, and they were confused and insecure. Many people in my life started to tell me that I was a terrible mother and guess what…. I believed them. Well, I’m here to tell you, WE are GREAT MOMS and DADS in the making! The Lord equips those He calls.

It was 8 years ago that my eyes were opened, I gave my life to Him for real, it didn’t only change my life but the life of my children and my children’s’ children forever. It overwhelms my heart with joy when I think about their life and how I know that I know that I know they will not depart from Him, no matter the wanderings… and please remember this promise when they become teenagers…lol

After I said yes to Him, our lives started to change, going to church gave me comfort and helped me get my heart in the right place…I saw my kids changing right in front of my eyes, and eventually, they opened their hearts to Jesus as well. Knowing that they had a Father in Heaven that loved them unconditionally – and trust me they heard it enough from me – started to help them heal, especially my daughter. We started serving together, focusing on others rather than our own hurts, and making friends at church. As I like to say “It takes a church!” (better than a village!). Giving time, love, and an ear, has an amazing healing power and we experienced it firsthand, as a family, the family of Christ.

But anyway enough of my story, let’s get in the meat of this message, the Lord has showed me over and over again, the three pillars of parenting are LOVE, INSTRUCTION, and DISCIPLINE, and the greatest of these is LOVE… I chose to represent them in a pyramid because I truly believe that LOVE is the BASE and also what we need to give with the most abundance. Indeed, if we give much love, just enough instruction, we will only have to apply little discipline. Also, I love the fact that the pyramid is pointing up. I choose to believe that this shape was brought to my attention because it is pointing to Heaven.

“Indeed, if we give much love, just enough instruction, we will only have to apply little discipline. “